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3 - Corrective Title Instructions

Determine the title issue needing correction and click on the the document(s) listed below for instruction.

Signature Errors - The title was signed incorrectly or not at all.
Title Alterations - Information on title has white out or strike outs, is assigned to the wrong party, or the odometer section of title was filled out incorrectly.
Missing Lien Release - A lien is displayed on the title but no lien release is available.
Owner Deceased - The titled owner(s) are deceased and the title is not signed.

Document Descriptions
  • Affidavit of Fact -  A single-page form used to correct any human errors made on a vehicle title.
  • Form VTR-271 - Power of Attorney to Transfer Motor Vehicle - A single-page form used to authorize a person or company to have power of attorney for the registered owner in order to sign for the title.
  • Form VTR-40 - Odometer Disclosure Statement - A single-page form required to state the mileage on the vehicle when there has been an odometer error on the title by the owner.
  • Form VTR-266 - Prescribed Form for Release of Lien - A single-page form requiring the lien holder’s details.
  • Form VTR-262 - Affidavit of Heirship for a Motor Vehicle - A single-page form requiring the name of the titled owner and the date of death.
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